Fundraising Breakdown

With the help of so many good people we have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Alex since the beginning of this journey in 2016.

This is our biggest fundraiser for many years and we tried our very best to find alternatives instead of this with no success.  We need help to give Alex the final surgery he needs to take him into adulthood.

£250,000 GBP ($330,000 USD & $427,000 CAD) is a lot of money.  We have costed out in some detail what we will need to get Alex from where we are now to his final surgery in 2023 and beyond (incorporating after care rehabilitation and post op check visits). We have said it before but this time we hope this is the final fundraiser: in future Alex intends to raise money for other deserving causes associated with his passion for nature, wildlife, conservation and history.

The whole process will be transparent, and the funds raised from Go Fund Me and any private fundraisers will all go into one specific savings bank account.  That account will not be used for any other purpose. All transactions made will go directly from this account to ensure transparency.  We shall post regular updates and every six months prepare a financial statement identifying funds raised and to where any funds have been spent already. There will be some fluctuation in costs but we hope the estimates we have made (with the support of the organisations ultimately providing them) will match up to actual costs in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

When the Fundraiser closes (hopefully meeting the target) we shall post a Financial Statement that has been audited and certified by an independent Chartered Accountant.  Alex’s Dads employer will also receive regular updates and a full copy of the final report and associated information to ensure his position of trust as a Police Officer is not compromised.

Actual Breakdown

The fundraising encompasses Hospital Facility, Technology and Clinical Costs, Materials, Flights, Accommodation, Subsistence, Transport, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Osteopathy Treatment, Walking and other Mobility Aids, Counselling, a contingency fund and some very limited specific repayment of prior debt for the family to alleviate their financial position.

This fundraising incorporates three trips to the United States: consultation prior to the surgery, the surgery itself and a post check-up. It also covers continuing his Physical Therapy and Osteopathy regimen into 2023 and then the critical post-surgery rehabilitation.  It covers aids and adaptations required immediately after surgery and prior to it if required.

The estimated £250,000 currently breaks down as follows:

Estimated Costs (as at December 2021) £
Hospital Treatment Costs135,000
Flights, Transport & Travel13,250
Accommodation & Subsistence36,750
Rehabilitation & other Professional Fees8,000
Other P.T. & Osteopathy13,000
Family Debt Repayment18,000
Aids & Adaptations5,000
Natural Remedies & Supplements5,000

The link to the Go Fund Me is here: Fundraiser by Jeffrey Goodwin : Alexander’s Journey: Now to Final Surgery 2023 (

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