Fundraising & Donating

Alexander is cancer free and 2 years in remission! However, his physiotherapy is brutal and he needs treatment several times a week. Statistically, there is a real possibility of Alex’s cancer returning until he reaches adulthood.

Alex has undergone extended chemotherapy, specialist radiation therapy and pioneering invasive surgery. This rare form of cancer has caused Alexander to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress, causing night terrors numerous times a week as well as occasional panic attacks during his waking hours. He is still at a very vulnerable position. The extended exposure to certain medicines in the chemotherapy treatment has also increased his risk of cardiac disfunction which could impact upon him in later life.

We are no longer receiving weekly support for Alex’s Physical Therapy from the National Health Service in England. The Doctors and professionals in Kansas City say that, in order to maximise his chances of rehabilitation, he needs regular physical therapy. Unfortunately, we have been responsible for paying for the private sessions of treatment each week.

We could transfer his care back to the NHS in England, but we are scared and reluctant to do so because of the problems we have had in the past, causing us to look elsewhere for help. If Alex returned to their care and he fell ill again, it would be devastating to us. The scans and checks they conduct in the U.K. are not the same as they get in Kansas City, which are much better and much more likely to pick up any warning signs, so they could be dealt with immediately and pre-emptively. During this remission stage, prevention is paramount.

In addition, we have attempted to reach some middle ground with treatment from both the NHS in the U.K. and Kansas University Hospital and Children’s Mercy Hospital in the U.S. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been possible.

The cost every four to six months is forecast at approximately $10,000 USD for flights and fees at Kansas University Hospital and Children’s Mercy Hospital as well as private treatment back home.

We are doing fundraising in the U.S. and in the U.K. in 2019 which will form part of this fundraising. These funds will pay for treatment, help with travelling expenses and home life for Alex. Mike Beahan, a Chartered Accountant in England and ardent supporter of Alexander will oversee the finances making sure that it is used to help Alex and manage our financial situation and give Alex the best chances of a long and able life.

Thank you all who read this and consider making a donation.

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