Fundraising & Donating

Alexander is cancer free and 4 years in remission! However, his physiotherapy is brutal and he needs treatment several times a week. Statistically, there is a real possibility of Alex’s cancer returning until he reaches adulthood. 

Alex has undergone extended chemotherapy, specialist radiation therapy and pioneering invasive surgery. This rare form of cancer has caused Alexander to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress, causing night terrors numerous times a week as well as occasional panic attacks during his waking hours. He is still at a very vulnerable position. The extended exposure to certain medicines in the chemotherapy treatment has also increased his risk of cardiac disfunction which could impact upon him in later life. 

The Doctors and professionals who saved his life and performed his surgery state that in order to maximise his chances of rehabilitation, he needs regular physical therapy. Unfortunately, we have been responsible for paying for the private sessions of treatment each week. 

Alex’s care has begun to return to the NHS and to Nuffield the Orthopaedic Centre of excellence in the U.K.  We still hope to return to Kansas City just once a year to ensure we pick up any warning signs so they could be dealt with immediately and pre-emptively. During this remission stage, prevention is paramount. 

We continue to fundraise as the family are now financially exhausted. 

Thank you all who read this and consider making a donation. 

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